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Q1 Fill in the blanks with adjectives formed from the words given in the words given in the brackets:                                                                                                                                            (10)
a.    We must stand when the ____________anthem is being played. (nation)
b.    Dogs are believed to be highly ___________________. (faith)
c.    The teacher gave us some _____________ tips before our annual examination. (value)
d.    She could not handle that _____________ child. (trouble)
e.    Of these two questions, you may solve the _____________ one . (easy)
f.     Ruby is the _______________child of the class. (pretty)
g.    Have you heard the _____________news about the match? (late)
h.    ___________________people visited the book fair this year than last year. (few)
i.      Some of the ______________________ people are also the happiest. (poor)
j.      The Jupiter is ____________________than any other planet. (big)
Q2 Write the Superlative and Comparative degrees of these adjectives:                              (10)
a.    Little
b.    Far
c.    Old
d.    Good
e.    Hot
f.     Pretty
g.    Popular
h.    Heavy
i.      Difficult
j.      Beautiful
Q3 Fill in the blanks with suitable Modals : (6)
a.    ______________  you live long. (may, might)
b.    He __________________ not use the  cellphone  while driving. If he does, he will be challenged. (should , must)
c.    We __________________ be kind to animals. They too have feelings like us. ( can, ought to)
d.    I am new to the city. _______________ you guide me to the nearest police station? ( could, can)
e.    The questions are very easy. I ________________solve them in ten minutes. (can, might)
f.     Your wrist is badly swollen. You _______________consult a specialist. (can, must)
Q 4 Rewrite these sentences using the tenses indicated in the brackets:     (14)
a.    He will be our most reliable batsman. (present, past)
b.    We had no power shortage in our colony. (present , future)
c.    The old man had a grey beard. (present , future)
d.    Were you at home in the evenings? (present, future)
e.    Are you available on phone? (past, future)
f.     This train is the fastest on this route. (past, future)
g.    It was very hot here in summer. (present, future)
Q 5 Fill in the blanks with the past tense of the verbs given in the brackets:   (5)
a.    The young man __________off the horse. (fall)
b.    We ________ these story books at a sale. (buy)
c.    The stranger _____________only French. (speak)
d.    The match ____________at 10 a.m. (begin)
e.    Suresh quickly _____________ the balls to the wicketkeeper. (throw)
Q 6 Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in the bracket in the present continuous tense:
a.    The porter __________the luggage. (carry)
b.    These children _____________yoga classes regularly. (attend)
c.    The duck ________________in water. (swim)
d.    The swimming coach ___________-instructions to the children. (give)
e.    The students _______________ to the teacher attentively.  (listen)
f.     The plane _______ at a very high speed. (fly)
g.    We ______ our best. (do)
h.    Many doctors _____ the cholera patient. (treat)
i.      I _______ into these problems.  (look)
j.      Your books _____ on the dining table. Please put them in your bag. (lie)
Q 7 Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in the bracket in the future continuous tense:
a.    I ____ for you when you arrive at the airport. (wait)
b.    The Sun ______ very soon. (rise)
c.    I _____ these books tomorrow. (read)
d.    They _____ football in the next period. (play)
e.    We ______ these exercises next week. (do)
f.     Tomorrow at this time, we ________ to Paris. (fly)
g.    The children ________ when we get home. (sleep)
Q 8 Fill in the blanks with the simple past tense or the past perfect tense of the verbs given in the brackets:
a.    When I _____ home, everybody ______ to sleep. (reach,go)
b.    I ____ to the back lawn to pick a kite which ______ there. (go, fall)
c.    I ______ your message at 9’O clock.   Papa _____ for office. (receive, already leave)
d.    I _______my syllabus atleast twice before the Principal _______ the datesheet.  (already explain, agree)
e.    I ________ I ________ her before but I could not remember where.   (feel, see)
f.     Garima ________ she was not feeling hungry because she ________ a heavy breakfast. (say, take)
g.    When we _______ all the information, we _______ a presentation.  (collect, make)
h.    I _______ the bill before I _______ the reminder. (pay, receive)
Q 9 Fill in the blanks with the future perfect tense of the verbs given in the brackets:
a.    He _____ the work when we reach his house.  (finish)
b.    I ____ most of the hill stations of India before I am twelve. (see)
c.    We ______ all the letters by 7 p.m. (post)
d.    The shopkeepers ______the shops before the inspector comes for a visit.  (close)
e.    I hope it ______raining by noon.  (stop)
Q 10 Change the sentences from active to passive:
a.    Why have you taken up this job?
b.    The storm has already destroyed many ships.
c.    We are renovating all the laboratories.
d.    This hotel serves only vegetarian food.
e.    The school will hold special classes for weak students.
f.     The entire nation observed two minutes silence.
g.    How many friends your brother’s marriage.
h.    The tiger had already killed two labourers.
i.      They had just declared the result.
j.      The merchant had never suffered such a loss.
Q 11 Change the sentences from passive to active:
a.    The furniture is being polished by Suresh.
b.    This mistake will be corrected by the teacher.
c.    Cable television is seen by people all over the world.
d.    The special issue of the school magazine was brought out.
e.    A new evaluation system will soon be announced by the Principal.
f.     A blood donation was being organized by the Red Cross Society.
g.    The new flyover will be inaugurated by the Chief Minister.
h.    Was the first bus missed by everybody
i.      How many members were informed by you.
j.      Why was your application rejected by the school.
Q 12 Fill in the blanks with suitable propositions:
a.    As a child, Gandhiji was afraid ____ darkness.
b.    We have been busy _____ Friday.
c.    The Ox was tied to a tree ____ a strong rope.
d.    I bought this book ______ Fifty rupees.
e.    There is a bridge _______ the river.
f.     We went to Shimla ______train.
g.    Neetu congratulated me ______standing first in the class.
h.    Mother was angry ______me______no fault of mine.
i.      Large number of people_______died______smallpox.
j.      You must be ashamed ________your behavior.
Q 13 Join each pair of the following sentences using the conjunction given in the bracket.  Make any other changes that are necessary:
a.    He has everything.   He is not contented. (although)
b.    It is true.   Sumit was declared the man of the match. (that)
c.    You should go to sleep early.   You will not feel fresh tomorrow morning. (unless)
d.    His business is prospering.    He is fair in his dealings.  (because)
e.    I am fit.   I should be allowed to play.  (as)
f.     The Principal may be in her room.   She may be on a round of the school.   (Or)
g.    The Kiwis tried their best.   They could not beat Team India.   (still)
h.    I shall clean the room.   Neetu should help me.  (If)

Q1- Answer the following words in 20-30 words.                                                      (2X10=20)
1.    When was the age of UFO born?
2.    What was the Mysterious experience encountered by ‘Mac Brazel’?
3.    Mac came across a Strange area. What was it? Why was it strange?
4.    Why did Mac visit Corona?
5.    What was a second incident of the flying saucer encountered on Earth?
6.    Describe the appearance of the Aliens?
7.    ‘You there!  Stop where you are’ Who said to Whom and Why?
8.    Why did people remain quiet about their encounter with Alien?
9.    Why was the nurse transgerred to England?
10. Why were the Soldiers hiding the Aliens?
Q2- On the basis of the reading of the chapter, Explain the appearance of Alien and why did Grady feel sorry for them?                                                                                                              (4)
Q3- There exist life outside Earth. Do you agree or you find it Fictional? Have you ever heard about the presence of Alien around the Earth? Link your experience with reference to the chapter “The Roswell UFO incident”.                                                                                                      (4)


Q1- Read the Extract and answer the following questions                                                (3)
You can start the Count Down, you can take a last look; 
You can pass me my helmet from its plastic hook; 
You can cross out my name in the telephone book –
For I’m off to Outer Space tomorrow morning. 
a.    Name the poet                                                                                                                       (1)
b.    Why did the poet ask the readers to start the count down?                                           (1)
c.    Write the rhyming scheme.                                                                                      (1)

Q2- Read the Extract and answer the following questions                                                (3)

You can cross out my name in the telephone book –

a.    Who is the speaker?                                                                                                           (1)

b.    Whose name will be crossed out it in the telephone book?                                        (1)

c.     Why does the speaker want the readers to strike out his name from the telephone book?   (1)

Q3- Read the Extract and answer the following questions                                                (3)
I’ll be writing no letters; I’ll be posting no mail.
For with nobody to visit me and not a friend in hail,

a.    Who will be writing no letters?                                                                                          (1)
b.     Why will the speaker not post mails?                                                                              (1)
c.    Why there won’t be any visitors or friends? [OR] Why is there nobody to visit the poet?                  (1)
Q4- Answer the following questions briefly                                                                (1)
1.    What is the place of repetition in this poem? Is it effectively used?
2.    What is the overall tone/mood of the poem?
a) sadness         b) jubilation                c) down-to-earth               d) humorous
     3.  Give one example of Simile used in the poem
Q5- Put yourself in the place of an astronaut who will be off to outer space tomorrow morning. Jot down the emotions that you would feel.                                                    (4)

Q1- Answer the following words in 20-30 words.                                                                  (2)
1.    What made the Ghost’s soul roam restlessly?
2.    How did the twin’s play tricks on Sir Simon’s Ghost?
3.    How did Sir Simon get peace and was ble to sleep?
4.    Why does the Ghost only like the daughter of Mr Otis?
5.    How did the Canterville ghost come to understand after his third attempt that he had been tricked, foiled and outwitted by the twins?
6.    Why did the Ghost appear in the dark room?
7.    Why was the brief history given by James regarding the blood stain?
8.    Why does the Ghost feel humbled?
9.    How can the title of the story “The Canterville Ghost” be justified?
10. Why was  Mr Otis willing to buy the castle?
Q2- Do you find the appearance of Sir Simon scary? How? Who was scared by him the most and why?                                                                                                                                                  (4)
Q3- Human body is mortal and the soul is immortal. Do you believe in Ghost or Spirits ? Have you ever encountered any incident that gave you goosebumps. Share your experience with reference to the chapter “The Canterville Ghost”.                                                                               (4)

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