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Convert the following sentences into passive voice.       (1x20=20)

1. He sings a song.
2. The boy killed the spider.
3. Help him.
4. Farmers sow maize in the rainy season.
5. Are you writing a letter?
6. The workers were digging a canal.
7. I will finish the job by the end of this week.
8. Have you finished your job?
9. They have informed him of his mother’s death.
10. They took all the necessary precautions.
11. Does your mother pick you up?
12. He doesn’t open the book.
13. Lightning struck the school. ​
14. This morning the police arrested the burglar. ​
15. Hydrocarbons cause one type of air pollution. ​
16. Mr. Patel and his children prepared supper for the miners. ​
17. The Mad Hatter stole the cookies.
18. The court decided that the contract was invalid. ​
19. Who had guided them to that place?
20. Who will win the 2018 World Cup?
Change the following into indirect speech.                           (1x20=20)
1. The girl said, ‘It gives me great pleasure to be here this evening.’
2. The man said, ‘I must go as soon as possible.’
3. She said, ‘I don’t want to see any of you; go away.’
4. The teacher says, ‘If you work hard, you will pass.’
5. He said, ‘I have won.’
6. He said, ‘Let’s wait for her return.’
7. Alice said, ‘How clever I am!’
8. ‘Which way did she go?’ asked the young man.
9. He said to me, ‘Where are you going?’
10. ‘Please wait here till I return,’ she told him.
11. The stranger said to me, ‘Please help me’.
12. The teacher said, ‘Do not read so fast’.
13. The mother said to the children, ‘Don’t make noise’.
14. He said, ‘I wonder if I am going to die like that’.
15. The leader said to the peon, ‘Make a cup of tea for me’.
16. The stranger said to me, ‘Please help me’.
17. I said to her, ‘You should tell everything to her’.
18. He says, ‘I am doing my duty’.
19. The owner said to the servant, ‘Will you come tomorrow’.
20. Riya said, ‘I don’t know where my shoes are’.
Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.      (1x20=20)
1. This material is different ………………… that.
2. You should explain this ………………… them.
3. He has been absent ………………… Monday.
4. I haven’t been to the theatre ………………… a long time.
5. He goes ………………. school by car.
6. This is a comfortable house to live ………………
7. They are called …………………. different names.
8. We should not spend money ………………. luxuries.
9. I gave him a chair to sit ………………. 
10. The new term begins …………………. June 1st.
11. He poured the tea …………………. the mug.
12. He said that he was very pleased …………………. my work.
13. The best candidate should be appointed ………………… the post.
14. He is addicted …………………… ... gambling.
15. I was amazed …………………… ... her stupendous ignorance.
16. We must be grateful for the blessings that God has bestowed ……………………. us.
17. On the way we came ……………………. an old beggar.
18. We agreed ……………………… a certain course of action.
19. He has been absent …………………. classes for three days now.
20. You must abide …………………. the terms of this agreement.

Fill in the blanks with correct form of the verb given in the bracket. (1x20=20)

Janet ______ karate class every Saturday. ( attend )

The market ______ usually noisy in the morning. ( be )

The delivery man ______ the parcel already. ( delivery )

The athletes ______ for Canada tomorrow. ( leave )

Aida ______ her room for the past hour. ( paint )

The breadman ______ to our housing estate every evening.(come )


Warren ______ badminton since primary school. ( play )

The meeting ______ due to lack of quorum. ( postpone )

You are late. The bus ______ already. ( leave )

Everyone ______ about Lin Dan's achievement in the Beijing Olympics. ( talk )

When in season, we ______ durians almost every other day. (eat)

Be patient. The circus ______ in a few minutes' time. ( start )

Jessie is not in. She ______ a seminar in Kansas City. ( attend )

I ______ the orphan a number of times since I first met him. (help)

The eldest brother _______ the family since his father passed away. (support)
   16.   He _________ his work with diligence. (do)
    17.     I ___________his instructions carefully to complete my assignment (follow)
    18.    Great deeds ________ always done by small men.
    19.    Rajesh _____________ in the train at this time tomorrow. (sit)
    20. I ______________ forward to go to England next year. (look)
Join each pair of the following sentences by means of suitable conjunctions.                                                                 (1x10=10)
1. James smokes. His brother does not smoke.
2. Alice hasn’t come. Mary hasn’t come.
3. She speaks English. She speaks Spanish.
4. I like him. He is very sincere.
5. He did not win. He worked hard.
6. She is ill. She is cheerful.
7. We decided to go out. It was raining.
8. The piper played. The children danced.
9. James works hard. His brother is lazy.
10. I went to the shop. I bought some vegetables.

Fill in the blanks with suitable conjunctions.                                                 (1x30=30)
He was old ______ weak ______ there was no one to look after him.
 My mother ____________ gave me a birthday present, ______ ______ some money ____________ I could buy myself a new dress.
His father beat him, ______ he ______ cried ______ uttered a sound ______ he was used to frequent beatings.
______ we found that we might be late, we took a taxi ______ ______ we might reach the cinema on time.
That old man had expected free treatment ______ he was poor ______, he was shocked when he was given a bill for thirty dollars. He was ______ upset ______ he really cried.
You'd better work hard ______ you'll fail, ______ do not study ______ hard ______ your health suffers. You should work ______ play according to a planned routine.
Mona as well as her sister, is in the choir, They can sing ______ ______ in English ______ French ___________ in Chinese ______ Japanese.
You can ______ ride the motorcycle ______ drive the car. ______ you'd better take the motorcycle ______ part of the road is blocked.
He wanted to do odd jobs so that he might save some money but no one was willing to employ him ______ they thought that he was dishonest.
Though  you were too lazy to bring your own umbrella, I have a mind to let you walk home in the rain. ______, this time you may share my umbrella ______ don't let there be a next time.

Poem- Two scavengers in a truck, Two Beautiful People in Mercedes

Answer the following questions in brief.  (20-30 words)                            (2x5=10)
Q1. What time of the day is at the start of the poem?
Q2. The garbage men are on their way home. What time did they start work?
Q3. What does the word ‘Elegant’ suggest in the poem?
Q4. Bring out the contrast in the culture of two sets of people mentioned in the poem.
Q5. Mention the literary devices used in the poem.
Reference to context                                      
Q1 And the very red light for instant
     holding all four close together
     as if anything at all were possible between them
     across that small gulf
    in the high sea of this democracy
Answer the following questions.                                                                  (1x3=3)
a)    Write the name of the poet.
b)    What does red light indicate?
c)    Explain the line ‘across that small…………of this
Q2. A bright yellow garbage truck
       With two garbagemen in red plastic blazers
       Standing on the back stoop
       One on each side hanging on
       And looking down into an elegant open Mercedes
Answer the following questions.                                                                  (1x3=3)
a)    How are the garbagemen describe?
b)    Discuss the importance of colour in the above-mentioned stanza.
c)    Why are garbagemen looking down in the Mercedes?

Chapter-Yang the Youngest
Answer the following questions in brief. (20-30 words)                            (2x5=10)
Q1. Where did Yang join his new school?
Q2. How do we respect our teachers in China?
Q3. Why did a couple of kids start to snigger?
Q4. Why did the second sister feel the loneliest?
Q5. How did the third sister make a lot of friends?
Answer the following questions in detail. (50-60words)                           (3x4=12)
Q1. Write the character sketch of Yang.
Q2. What are the cultural changes mentioned in the chapter and how does it affect Yang?  
Q3. Why did Yang find difficulty in adjusting to the new school? 
Value Based Questions                                                                                  (2x4=8)                                    
Q1. Compare and contrast the Chinese and American Culture.
Q2. Suppose you were in Yang’s place, would you have felt the same? If you have faced a similar situation,share your experience and how you tackled the difficulty?

Chapter-The Barber
Answer the following questions in brief. (20-30 words)                               (2x5=10)
Q1. When did narrator realize that he must get a haircut?
Q2. Why did Mass Gamma threaten to punish the narrator?
Q3. What did The Arab ask Uncle Mask?
Q4. Why did businessman Huntigdon sent people to see the narrator?
Q5. Why had the barber taken to the profession?
Answer the following questions in detail.(50-60words)                                 (4x4=16)
Q1. What does the narrator think about the barber?
Q2. What would have happened if the bird had not made its way through the narrator’s hair?
Q3. Write the character sketch of the narrator.
Q4. Write the character sketch of the barber.
Value Based Questions                                                                                        (2x4=8)                                    
Q1. Suppose you had a weird haircut and everybody was laughing at you. How would you tackle this situation?
Q2. The barber has mentioned many stories in the chapter. Do you really think his stories are factual description? Give convincing reasons.



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