Friday, 15 January 2016

worksheet 3 - Voice

Worksheet 3
Q. Change the voice in the given sentences.
1)  She is playing the game.
2)   My father has brought me   good gift.
3)  Rajat will see this movie the next month.
4)  My sister is throwing a party the next week.
5)  Saksham will return home soon.
6)  The dog had, made the water dirty.
7)  We shall serve our country.
8)  He will have told the story.
9)  My mother was cooking the food.
10)     I bought a book yesterday.
11)     They are planning for a new house.
12)     Preeti has dusted the window.
13)     Raman brought good news for us.
14)     Who called me?
15)     They didn’t send me any letter.
16)     Who is throwing water?
17)     People are yelling for no reason.
18)     My cook will have made a delicious cake by now.
19)     She has designed a new layout.
20)     Reena sleeps on this bed.

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