Friday, 15 January 2016



Q. Re-arrange the jumbled sentences.

1. evening/ do/ in/your/parents/the/?/watch.

2. mornings./ the/ takes/eight/on/ always/bus/Monday/Jeremy/o’clock


4. in/friends/do/shopping/go/like/her/rogers/is/she/when/mr. rooger/is

5. interesting/library/the/at/have/you/books/?/are/There/read/many/them/all

6. (a) his/mama/followed/baby/bear/the
    (b) walked/mama/woods/bear/through/the
    (c) she/was/berries/looking/for/to
    (d) she/black/berries/found/she
    (e) eating/ starting/she/them

7. is/good/for/both/ young/adults/and/early/rising

8.  place/our/ music/lives/important/has/in/an

9. mohit/and/rohit/skating/staturday/went/on/rohit

10. baby/gave/mother/apple/her/the/a/red           


Q. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

11.   My best friend lives ______ Boretz Road.

22.  I'll be ready to leave ____ about twenty minutes.

33. Since he met his new girlfriend, Juan never seems to be ___ home.

44. The child responded to his mother's demands ______ throwing a tantrum.  I think she spent the entire afternoon ______ the phone. 
55.  I will wait ____6:30, but then I'm going home. 

66. The police caught the thief _____ the corner of Cascade and Plum going home street.

77.  My fingers were injured so my sister had to write the note _____ me.

88.    I am not interested _____ buying a new car now. 

99. What are the main ingredients ______ this casserole?

110. My best friend, John, is named ______ his great-grandfather.


Q. Fill in the blanks with suitable Articles.

1.     I like ___ blue T-shirt over there better than ___ red one.

2.     Their car does 150 miles ___ hours.

3.     Where’s ____ USB drive I lent you last week?

4.     Do you still live in ____ Bristol?

5.     Is your mother working in ____ old office building?

6.     Carol’s father works as _____ electrician.

7.     The tomatoes are 99 pence ______ kilo.

8.     What do you usually have ______breakfast?

9.     Ben has ______ terrible headache.

10.       After this tour you have ______whole afternoon free to explore the city.

                                                WORKSHEET- 4

Q. Fill in the blanks with homophones.

1) The burning candle created a pleasant ____ in the room. ( scent/sent)

2) We’re going to Prague in the spring. Can you recommend some interesting      _____? ( sites/sights)

3) If we’re taking the subway, I’ll need to borrow some money for the ____. (fair/fare_

4) Jimmy wants to be president one day. In fact, Bill Clinton is his ____. (idol/ ideal)

5) Congratulations! I heard you won a gold ____ in the swimming  competition. (medal/meddle)

6) Would you like a piece of fruit? Perhaps a ____? (pear/pare)

7) Henry VIII’s ____ lasted for 38 years. (reign/rain)

8) They’re going to ___ several houses to clear the land for a shopping mall. (raise/rays)

9) I’ll need your help in making the lasagna. Would you please ____ the      cheese? (great/grate)

10) Mike was sent to the _____ office for misbehaving. (principal’s/principle’s)

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