Friday, 15 January 2016

worksheet1- Editing Exercises

Worksheet 1
                                                        Exercises on Editing
The following passages have not been edited. There is an error in each of the lines against which a blank is given. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the space provided.
1. Owls spends most of their time in the                          a) ___________                  ____________
dark and has an acute sense of                                          b)___________                   ____________
hearing. They can detect there prey just                           c)___________                   ____________
by hear them move in the complete darkness.                  d)___________                   ____________
Owls have two ears, one on neither side                           e)__________                     _____________
of a head. They also have                                                  f)___________                    _____________
a dish like structure at the                                                  g)___________                   ____________
face what is made up of feathers                                        h) ___________                 _____________

2.Mother Teresa comes to Kolkata in 1929                      a) _____________             ___________
Where she was hardly 19 years old. When                       b) _____________ `           _____________
She first arrived in Kolkata, she just has                          c) _____________              _____________
Five rupees on her pocket. The priest                               d) _____________             _____________
Helped it in the new and strange city.                               e) _____________             _____________
She lived in a small room from                                         f) _____________              _____________
Nine years where he nursed                                               g) _____________             _____________
A sick people back to health                                                 h) _____________           ____________

3. often these days we hear and speak of the conquered       a) _____________       _____________
in nature the taming of river and the war against insects      b) ____________         _____________
and so on. Often these phrases being used without consciously  c) ___________       _____________
attaching any value to them, but those have an                              d) ___________     _____________
underlying attitude of hostile towards nature and Nature's           e) ___________        _____________
creature a viewpoint which seeming to assume                             f) ___________         __________
nature as an enemy that needs to be vanquished.                          g) ___________        _____________
Alternatively, nature is seen merely as the resources to be           h) ___________       _____________ 

4.Thanks to the current interest for health                                   a) __________         ___________
and fitness that peoples are taking                                               b) ___________       _____________
in each locality. We find this days                                                c) ___________       _____________
some centers and clubs is springing                                             d) ___________       _____________
up and they are do well in their                                                     e )___________       _____________
new venture, but fortunately they                                                  f ) ___________       _____________
are not within the easy reach for all.                                             g) ____________       ___________
They charges are too high.                                                             h) ____________      ___________
Besides, they are located at cities only.                                          i) ____________       ___________

5. Read the letter given below. This letter has not been edited after being written. Before it reaches to the concerned person, help to rectify this letter as it contains many errors. Find out the errors and correct them.
298 Pine view Drive
23rd February 2016
Ms. Ashley Libby
Mayer, City Hall
556 Chicago Avenue
Subject: Letter of Complaint
Dear Ms. Libby
I am writeing to you because I can no longer deel with the
potholes on my street. Already I break an axle on my car,
and I had to spend a lot of money to fix it. Is City Hall going
to give me back that money?
Pleese do what the taxpayors pay you to do, which is fix the
roads when they get potholes. I hope to see a rorad cru on
my street soon.
Yours truly,
Donna Giordano